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Birmingham Restaurant Week Logo

The team at STYLE Advertising has been an integral part of Birmingham Restaurant Week (BRW) since its inception, proudly helping establish what has become one of Birmingham's biggest, annual food events.

Back in 2010, after being inspired by his experience during Atlanta Restaurant Week, James Little, BRW founder and current District Manager at REV Birmingham, approached the team at STYLE with an idea. Intrigued with the thought of launching a similar restaurant promotion for Birmingham, Little and STYLE began brainstorming what ultimately led to the birth of the first BRW.

What started out as a pretty lofty dream has since transformed into the city’s premier dining out event. In its inaugural year, BRW featured just over 30 local restaurants. Only eight years later, BRW 2017 boasts more than 70 participating restaurants and $2.7 million in gross receipt sales over the course of the 10-day culinary event.

From carefully crafting BRW’s brand identity, logo and design aesthetic in 2010 to redesigning and refreshing the look in 2015, STYLE's design team has created a name and a recognizable brand for BRW that is known both across the city and across the state. It has been quite a journey. Check out the transformation for yourself!

1,478% increase in Facebook likes
1,385% increate in Twitter followers to date
318% increase in Instagram followers to date
The ad campaign garnered 350,000 impressions, reached 100,000 people and 40,000 engagements

With the redesigned logo, STYLE helped to elevate BRW’s brand overall. The cohesive design is carried throughout all digital and print promotions, from social media graphics and advertisements to promotional materials and print collateral.

STYLE has helped shape BRW’s maturing aesthetic while also promoting its growth in other areas. From classic events like Preview Party and Wine-o-logy to newer events like Brunch and Shaken & Stirred, STYLE’s marketing team has remained confidently at the helm to get the word out every step of the way. And, with BRW looking its best and the brand designed to the nines, STYLE was pleased to present the project to the passionate foodies and the Magic City masses.

STYLE's expertise proved invaluable as BRW navigated the inevitable shift toward social media, digital media and online platforms as the primary communication tool for reaching today’s audiences. Thanks to STYLE's digital team, BRW has seen significant growth across all platforms since its social media debut.

After its inaugural year, BRW had a Facebook following of 1,252 and a Twitter following of 401—a fairly substantial start to BRW's online presence. Since then, however, under the expertise of STYLE's digital team, BRW boasts a 1,478 percent increase in Facebook likes and a 1,385 percent increase in Twitter followers to date. STYLE also helped BRW implement an Instagram strategy in 2013—which has since grown from 813 followers after its first year to 3,399 followers to date, representing a 318 percent increase—as well as implementing a Snapchat presence in 2016. For the 70-day BRW 2017 social media campaign, STYLE garnered more than 350,000 impressions, 100,000 people reached and 40,000 engagements.

As part of BRW’s social media strategy, STYLE created campaigns like Free Food Fridays, engaging its audience, building its followers and connecting restaurant goers with BRW participants leading up to the event. Here’s a taste of what Free Food Fridays looked like for BRW 2017: