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Since its inception in 2003, Fiesta has served as a bridge, celebrating the culturally diverse traditions of Latin America’s various Spanish-speaking countries right here in Birmingham. With the goal of educating the public about the many different Hispanic countries and their cultures, Fiesta provides the opportunity for more than 15,000 patrons to journey through 20 represented countries and experience the best of Hispanic art, music, food and dance.

Being the festival's 15th anniversary—or in Latin American culture, it's Quinceañera—Fiesta was looking for a firm to take all facets of the festival to the next level. Thus began STYLE's partnership with Fiesta. Immediately STYLE's design team began working to refresh Fiesta's logo for a total rebranding in honor of the milestone year.

STYLE's design process is thorough. Considering the significance and symbolism behind each color and ornament throughout the process, the vision was for each aspect of the design to come together and communicate a "Celebration of Generations,"" the theme for this year's Fiesta. The final design is both eye-catchingly bold and elegantly beautiful, striking the perfect balance between fresh and classic. The result was a logo that successfully represented each culture that Fiesta stands to celebrate.

We unveiled the logo at an event in April to kick off Fiesta's 15th year celebration. We invited Birmingham Magazine who documented the big reveal on social media—ta-da!

With the new logo also came the need for an updated, redesigned website. Inspired by the refreshed aesthetic, STYLE's web development team designed a site that would be both informative and representative of Fiesta as an organization.

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Social media ads resulted in Click through rate of 4.80%, 4,566 ad clicks, 1,285 people taking action, $8.39 per 1,000 impressions and 792 event responses

Once the website and logo were completed, STYLE began working to build some buzz and further brand recognition through traditional public relations efforts, organic social media and social media advertising. Turns out, we got a lot of people talking—in two languages!

Check out some of the earned media highlights our PR team was able to coordinate. We’ve got coverage across all platforms—print, online, tv, radio, social media, e-blasts, blogs—you name it! See for yourself:

In the end, our all-star PR team gained more than 90 pieces of coverage for Fiesta, including 28 print/online stories, 20 TV segments, one radio spot, 11 event calendar postings and 34 social media posts. Check out the full coverage report here:

We reinforced the buzz surrounding the festival with strategic, organic social media content, both in Spanish and in English. Managing Fiesta’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, we created interactive, multimedia content, facilitating contests and giveaways and posting regularly.

After first understanding Fiesta’s diverse following across its social media platforms, STYLE’s social media experts set out to achieve a variety of objectives: to promote ticket sales, to announce the festival’s impressive mainstage line-up of artists, to interact with sponsors and with media, to highlight the various aspects of the festival and to advance the organization’s mission, raising money to fund scholarships for deserving Hispanic students in Alabama, just to name a few.

To achieve these, we crafted posts that would be as interactive as possible, engaging audiences with multimedia content. In this vein, STYLE put together a video featuring board members and former scholarship recipients to promote, celebrate and share about Fiesta’s mission and scholarship fund:

Like the scholarship video, the STYLE team sought to create eye-catching social media content that would captivate those scrolling through their social media timelines. Here are a few more of our favorite posts:

STYLE enhanced these organic results by developing targeted social media ad campaigns, utilizing the power of Facebook and Instagram’s targeting tools to grow Fiesta’s English- and Spanish-speaking audiences, to improve brand awareness and to increase ticket sales.

While social media’s dynamic algorithms are a constant challenge, STYLE stayed on the cutting edge to achieve phenomenal ad results, including these highlights:

  • Click through rate: 4.80%
  • Ad Clicks: 4,566
  • People taking action: 1,285
  • Cost per 1,000 impressions: $8.39
  • Event Responses: 792
"This is incredible—the most coverage I can ever remember Fiesta getting!! Thank you for all that you did to make Fiesta such a success! You rock!"
- Teresa Zúñiga-Odom, Fiesta Co-President
"Thank you so much for all your hard work. Thank you for caring and helping us share the beauty of our heritage! Great job!"
- Cristina Almanza, Fiesta Board Member