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For years Medifast MN has been helping people in Minnesota and Wisconsin lose weight, get healthier, come off medications and get the most out of their lives! As the nature of the weight-loss industry changes, having a high-converting marketing funnel became top priority for Medifast.

From the start, the STYLE team was able to make significant changes to Medifast’s digital strategy, capitalizing on the targeting capabilities of social media advertising to serve ads to highly specific audiences based on location, interests, behaviors, etc. By utilizing Medifast’s existing email database, STYLE created custom audiences in Facebook, retargeting inactive clients and no-sale clients with messaging specific to their needs.

STYLE incorporated search engine marketing (SEM) to capture the intent of those searching for weight loss programs (and other relevant keywords) on Google in the markets where Medifast is present. Additionally, STYLE utilized Google display advertising to retarget to potential customers who had visited the website but did not fill out a form or call a center.

By tracking various levels of performance, STYLE optimized ad spend in order to meet Medifast's budget while achieving ideal results. By making data-driven decisions in our SEM efforts, we cut the cost-per-lead in half, allowing Medifast to decrease ad spend by 40 percent while maintaining a consistent lead flow. Throughout the entire process, STYLE kept Medifast MN above an 80 percent market share for impressions in the Google search network for "weight loss" related keywords.

To strengthen and maximize these campaigns, STYLE’s creative team developed enhanced ad graphics and effective branding messaging, including an updated tagline: "Live the Life You Always Wanted." The new tagline sought to convey that weight loss is more than just pounds or inches, showcasing success stories of Medifast clients beyond just their numbers. Ensuring a cohesive campaign, STYLE teams worked together to carry this messaging across all digital marketing materials, TV spots and radio spots.

STYLE also elevated Medifast's content marketing by writing organic blog content for the website. Additionally, STYLE capitalized on the power of video in digital media, implementing what became arguably the most impactful tactic for promoting Medifast's brand. Video became crucial to Medifast's digital presence, in both organic and paid media, effectively highlighting the program's differentiators and showcasing success stories.

With lots of online buzz due to traditional advertising and digital media efforts, it was time to update the Medifast website. STYLE's web development team began creating a refreshed, user-friendly site that succinctly outlined Medifast MN's services, results and resources.

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Reinforcing Medifast's new, prominent, online presence, STYLE's PR team jumped in to spread the word about Medifast programs and gain some earned media to further the company's credibility.

In order to maximize the relevance of the Medifast message, STYLE was careful to weave Medifast into related, local events and happenings. For example, our team coordinated a segment on the local CBS affiliate for a Medifast representative to discuss healthy eating tips for those looking to visit the famous State Fair while it was in town.

"We are pleased with STYLE’s performance and would absolutely recommend STYLE’s services to others. We have developed a strong relationship with the STYLE team over the past year. We believe the team genuinely wants to support our business and cares about our success. We look to forward to continued growth in 2018 with their support!"
- Heather Holmberg, CEO, Medifast Minnesota Weight Control Centers