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The Waites is Birmingham's newest luxury living and mixed-use development and has established itself among its surrounding community both as luxury living space as well as mixed-use retail and restaurant space. Located in the heart of southside, The Waites promises upscale apartment living and trendy dining – all within a 5-minute walk of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and UAB Hospital.

When The Waites first approached STYLE, however, the management team was just in the beginning stages of developing a brand and creating a recognizable identity for The Waites. STYLE worked with The Waites to create a multi-phased plan to put the development and brand on the map—and then, to keep it there.

The first step was crafting a website that would be both eye-catching and mobile friendly. In addition, STYLE made it top priority to work with The Waites to create an organic social media presence to bolster its online identity and provide credibility.

With both of those objectives in mind, STYLE’s web development team went straight to the drawing board, building The Waites’s website from the ground up, much like the construction team was doing just a few blocks down the road. STYLE outlined a clear and streamlined site that would house a broad range of information, from the history of The Waites and the upscale features each unit would include to the restaurants and retailers that residents could expect to move in downstairs.

First 6 months increased traffic 405%. Average time on the website was 2 minutes and thirty seconds with an average of 4 pages per visit
Our SEM campaign increased the ratio of people who saw The Waite's ads vs. people who engaged with the ads by 293%
Social media ads resulted in 81,136 impressions to our target audience with a Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) of just $3.90

STYLE paired this quality content with targeted ad campaigns to capitalize on the quality traffic created by SEM and pique the interest of those working in the area likely to move. We targeted an area within approximately three miles of The Waites, and by running our ads solely during typical work hours, we were able to hone in specifically on people who work near The Waites. We coupled this targeting with messaging about shortening their commute and walking to work. STYLE created dynamic ad campaigns by incorporating video and photo carousel ads to truly showcase what somebody can enjoy living at The Waites. In the months leading up to pre-leasing and leasing, our targeted social media ads resulted in 81,136 impressions to our target audience with a Cost per 1,000 Impressions (CPM) of just $3.90.

Though The Waites was still months away from its opening, STYLE's digital strategy gave the brand credibility among social media users by posting about businesses, restaurants and events nearby to The Waites. The STYLE digital team wanted the organic content on the page to not only provide updates on construction, retail spaces and apartment amenities, but also serve as a news platform for events and happenings within walking distance to showcase the convenience of the location.

One example of our content during construction and leading up to pre-leasing was a Facebook Live including a tour of the model unit, showcasing the amenities and sharing information about the Waites. Check it out here.

Coupled with STYLE's digital marketing strategies, our team implemented frequent website updates to ensure interested parties could find the most relevant information about The Waites at their fingertips in real time. We channeled our energy into outside-the-box thinking, posting captivating content such as the 3D digital walking tours of apartment units prior to pre-leasing and blog content aimed to help potential residents decide if downtown living was right for them.

As preleasing began and the development's grand opening approached, STYLE's PR team set out to generate buzz around town and among local media outlets. Since first pitching The Waites, we've garnered 37 pieces of earned media coverage (and counting!).

From announcing new restaurants opening in The Waites's retail space to planning and executing a ribbon-cutting event and ceremony, we positioned The Waites as the city's newest development, contributing to downtown's continued revitalization while paying tribute to the city's history.

By coordinating the participation of city officials and inviting local news outlets to cover the event, STYLE created a grand opening event that really got people talking—about The Waites development and about its role in the future of the Magic City.

From’s first feature highlighting The Waites and announcing pre-leasing to the Birmingham Business Journal’s reports throughout the process, STYLE was able to leverage media relationships and knowledge of each publication to position The Waites in each story. See some of our earned media highlights below:

"Our overall experience with STYLE has been outstanding. The STYLE team listens and reacts to our needs. We would recommend STYLE's services to others, as the results we receive represent a great return on our investment."
- Rodney Barstein, Chief Development Officer
The Waites and Retail Specialists