Birmingham Restaurant Week

Top-notch expertise and impactful work that gets results.

After being inspired by Atlanta Restaurant Week, James Little approached the team at STYLE Advertising with an idea. Little and STYLE began brainstorming what ultimately led to the birth of the first Birmingham Restaurant Week (BRW) in 2010. Since, STYLE has managed BRW's PR efforts, events and more, playing a crucial role in its growth and success. From classic events like Preview Party and Wine-o-logy to newer events like Brunch and Shaken & Stirred, STYLE's PR team has remained confidently at the helm to get the word out every step of the way. With a substantial media presence at each of BRW's main events, STYLE helped BRW land some pretty prominent media placement, causing quite a buzz in the Birmingham community and throughout the local food scene. In 2017, STYLE coordinated seven radio interviews, 51 pieces of print and online coverage, 21 pieces of blog coverage, 46 TV interviews and cooking segments, 36 blogger social media mentions and 37 pieces of social media coverage. Read more about STYLE's role with BRW in our case study.